Organizational Development Consulting

At True Synergy, we use systematic strategies and approaches to enhance organizational productivity and individual well-being. In partnership with the senior executives and respective HR generalists, we design and execute strategies to improve individual and team performance and improve the business’s capabilities to deliver against their goals. We research, observe and apply a broad knowledge and expertise to address business and organizational challenges by recognizing patterns through a systems thinking mindset.

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We work in the areas of: leadership and executive team development; change management; internal branding; cultural diversity/inclusion; organizational design/effectiveness; training design and delivery; and meeting design/facilitation.

We use a variety of modalities, strategies and assessment tools to facilitate organizational transformation. Our assessments include: Emotional Intelligence, Myers-Briggs, Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), Thomas-Kilmann, Fascinate, SELF Profile, Kolbe and Positive Psychology. True Synergy offers the following organization-wide interventions:

We offer consultative assistance in the formulation of strategic and tactical plans.

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