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Transforming Corporate Culture

Transforming Corporate Culture - True Synergy

First Amazon, Uber and now Sterling Jewelers, the parent company of Jared Jewelry and Kay Jewelers-there seems to be a growing corporate culture problem that is penetrating and having a negative effect on the internal and external branding of these major companies. Other companies need to take heed: with the power of social media, corporate…

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Is Your Sensitivity a Career Liability?

Several years ago, I was giving a presentation to a board of directors for a project that that was near and dear to my heart and I wanted their blessing and support. As I was giving the report, one of the board members made a rather offhanded remark about the project that made the entire…

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How to Build and Keep Your Career Confidence

In these tough economic times, it is easy to have your confidence shaken when there is a lay-off or when you get passed over for a promotion, or when you didn’t get hired for that “dream job.” Even when things are going seemingly well, you feel that you must constantly prove your worth and value…

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What Does it Take to Build a Team?

Contrary to popular belief, as you move up the career ladder, you realize that you can’t do things alone. Being successful in your career really depends upon your ability to share power and to give others the ability to manage their work. This is the reason why teams are important. In order to accomplish more…

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5 Ways to Be More Positive At Work

Let’s face it: It has been a tough economic recession and with companies continuing to downsize it can be difficult to have a positive attitude. You are doing more with less, you are stressed and you are not always feeling your best. It is said that it takes more energy to be upbeat and positive then it does…

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How to Handle Criticism in Your Career

Dale Carnegie once said, “When you are kicked or criticized, remember that it is often done because it gives the kicker a feeling of importance. It often means that you are accomplishing something and worthy of attention.” Profound words indeed! When criticism is valid and given appropriately, it can provide you with new insights about…

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